UI/UX & Graphic Designer, Website Configurer
02/17 - 06/17
HATCH games + research devotes itself to researching audience participation and developing games utilizing this factor. In the process, the group has created many projects, university courses, and sub-groups, each with their own identity and access point for research materials.

Logo Design
Before starting work, HATCH never created its own identity, instead of creating one for every separate piece of work that is made. My client wanted the logo to link with the group's work on games, so I incorporated a game controller into the logo for the first iteration.
My client picked the second and the fourth options to continue to work on. She also requested I give her an option with a subheading. For the second iteration, I played with placement, colors, and fonts.
The text-only logos were the most favored; only the text's centered position wasn't. For the next iteration, I centered everything left. This action proved favorable when presented to my client. For the final iteration, I colored the logo purple since my client also wanted to connect the branding with Amazon Twitch, a platform used primarily by the group. For the final sub-heading, it was decided to be "games + research."
Web Design
Locating all of HATCH’s research shouldn’t be complicated. Yet it was, due to each sub-groups’ on-line presence. To solve this, I focused on reducing barriers to access while creating a clean, unifying HATCH identity. I made a simple navigation and category system to utilize and formatted the web pages to have consistent component behavior.
The result is a friendly, easy-to-use website that clearly outlines the group's goals, with all entry points to research materials present.

Users can quickly locate news articles, blogs, videos, and other HATCH media belonging to each of the projects in one spot. A page kept updated with the research group's current list of members, and a space to contact HATCH is also provided for the user's convenience.

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